In human history there are many topics which are purely debatable and can last upto infinity starting on discussion.

For example we can discuss mythology v/s science, conventional rules of system v/s modern rules of system, etc. The list of topics are way too long. In today’s generation every business, every system and every person is binded or involved in the online world.

You can see first the traditional way of payment was hand to hand cash then it upgraded from bank to bank and in the current situation people are using digital ways of payment like these there is one big disputable topic going in the textile industry which is which one is the reliable way to business. Traditional Business or Online Business?

So here we have thought let us discuss and try to come to a solution, which is next to impossible but we can give it a try.

Over these many years since digitization has entered in many business sectors, the textile industry in India has also evolved and involved somehow in digitization. Many businessmen have adapted this online business revolution in their business and have seen the changes. But many there who haven’t updated yet into this online business section.

By this blog post / article we are just attempting to explain and also we will try to justify that online business, and that digital updation is not a potential threat or reason for breakdown in traditional textile industry work patterns.

Why do we “need” to even think about picking up any of the side from online or tradition? If we can stay perfectly balanced by acquiring the benefits of technology “and” still stay attached with our traditional business culture.

Thus here comes the

Ebulking is a multiple wholesale textile website where you can get all products related to textile business in wholesale deals. It is a combo of tradition and technology. Giving both the vendor and customers a strong and reliable platform to grow their business.

The online business platform systems and processes are harder to digest than the traditional systems and process, but trust us the features of this online trading system are worth the investment.

The system of online business or digital platforms are way too different from the traditional platform, but it’s roots are same as the traditional system.

In the traditional system of the wholesale market, the retailer or vendor they go from city to city where textile businesses are there like Surat, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. They travel physically for purchase of goods and products according to their needs. In the current situation it is more risky to travel from one place to another.

But on digital platforms like they don’t have to travel or visit local markets in different cities instead they just have to visit the website from their shops or houses and buy the catalogs according to their need and taste of the customers. And get the products delivered to their doorsteps.

Online platforms like gives you a base to sell as well as purchase products in wholesale without any hassle. Here at we take all the headaches of customers as well as seller side issues and activities. We promote all seller products on all social media platforms and run advertising campaigns.

Since both of the business worlds have their own consequences they work perfectly in their own zones. Working with traditional systems makes your business go through properly and well, but the online business gives you a good helping hand in your business.

For betterment and easiness to put our point here is a small webinar conducted by related to this topic present on youtube the link is given below.

So after all of these talks and reasoning sessions, and also keeping in the current changing trends in the fashion and apparel industry we must agree that online business systems do not possess any threat to traditional systems but it is an enhancement to the business. And indeed the technology and tradition is a beginning to a new era of business.

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