5 Movies To Take Inspiration For Your Shop

Fast and upbeat fashion might has already made a place in your heart but love for authentic textile and Indian clothes would always be number one.

Looking at these authentic attires definitely makes us curiously wonder that Where do these fabrics come from ? Who makes them ? What is the whole process ?

Don’t you worry !

We are here to present a wholesome background of Where, Who, When, and How of the famous trends of the textile industry. Read to get some solid inspiration of flooding your shop with most demanding trends and outfits.

Here are top 5 suggested movies to watch for most inspirational clothing & textile ideas :

1. Manikarnika:

Manikarnika being a period drama film based on the life of the real queen of Jhansi, you might wonder why we have included it in this list. If you see the film solely with the agenda of being awed by the clothes of the whole cast you will agree with us. The movie’s costumes are designed by Neeta Lulla, the supremely famous go-to costume designer of any Bollywood movie.

The colour palette for Kangana Ranaut’s clothes (the main protagonist of the film) is seen in colours like green, ivory, and beige. The costumes were primarily inspired and adapted by photos and manuscripts available in museums and libraries. It might seem a little astonishing  but the fabric used to make costumes is mainly hand-spun, dyed with natural colours, khadi fabric.

Now when you watch the movie, you will observe the costumes closely. You will notice how accurately this movie adapted everything from the era of real Jhansi ki Rani.

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Adding this kind of trend to your shop will definitely bring a lot of attention to your shop.  

2. Bajirao Mastani

Bajirao Mastani is the perfect film to see the clothes of two different cultures blending. As a second opinion, this movie inspires your inner designer to create fusions and splurge your creativity to maybe create various Indo-western outfits.

Right from the beginning of the movie we see the characters dressed in one common outfit that was Anrakhas. Be it Bajirao or Mastani they were all seen in Anrakhras and multiple layers of clothes. Priyanka Chopra was mostly dressed in 9-yard sarees but they were specially made in cotton silk and can be seen in lighter colours like lotus pink and shades of blue or purple.

As you see this movie with a perspective of fashion only, you will notice that design flows and aesthetic gels up in the whole movie.

Having an ethnic angle like this would give a cultural edge to your shop and would generate sales.

3. Jodha Akbar:

While watching Jodha Akbar two things that grabbed our attention on the movie were the chemistry between Jodha and Akbar and the costumes of the whole cast. The costumes of the movie are designed by Neeta Lulla. 

Few things that immediately got our attention were the clothes and the jewellery worn by both Jodha and Akbar. If you notice the colour palette for the film is mostly subtle and warm tones which are moulded keeping in mind the grandiosity of that era for both Muslims and Rajputs. 

The designer used fabrics like brocade, silk, and cotton for making the costumes. To maintain the richness of both the cultures Zardozi and Kundan stones are embedded in the embroidery. All the clothes of the characters seem to fit their personalities in the movie. 

This movie is a perfect combination if you want romance with knowledge of textile from that era.

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Royalty as an idea is embedded in everyone’s head. Turning that into a reality is a sure shot way of enhancing the sales of your shop. 

4. Kalank:

If you want a major outfit inspiration for the wedding season, Kalank is the right movie for you. This movie makes us want to completely change our wardrobe and stock it with tonnes of shararas, garara, and long kurtas.

Initially, in the movie, we see pastel shades, and later towards the end of movie the color tone becomes deeper. The costume designer of the movie is none other than Manish Malhotra.

Clothes of almost all main characters are seen with antique borders including crochet thread and resham thread. Men in the movie could be seen in muted and understated color palette. If you need to take your creativity game up with fabrics like cotton, mulmul, and net this movie is a perfect inspiration. 

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Lovely Vintage pastels is an all-time favourite trend and it is something that could never go out of style. The availability of the perfect blend of tradition and light colours will make your shop the most go-to shop in the market.

5. Umrao Jaan :

Umrao Jaan is an evergreen period film that gave major fashion trends. Subhashini Ali is the costume designer of this movie and a most definitely a trendsetter. Majorly the dressing of Awadhi Royalty is shown in this movie.

This movie will definitely be a good inspiration for styles like anarkalis and ghagras. All kinds of delicate details have been paid attention throughout the movie. For example, how the dupattas in the movie that covered the head of Umrao Jaan were sheer enough at the same time.

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Adapt the trend from the initial trendsetters. Fill your shop with the stock that is termed as gracious and subtle. Introduce a blend of culture in your shop to attract more customers

In a country of so many colours and traditions there is a huge existing market and even a bigger potential in the filled of garment industry. 

Ebulking understands that the demand of your customers fluctuate with ongoing trends as mentioned and described above. These trends and fetishes are developed from the movies and other relevant sources. 

Worry no more! As we have got your back.

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