Women love variety, especially, when it comes to shopping. So you will need to stock variety of Kurtis in your boutique or shop. Kurtis are in huge demand and hence it is a smart move to invest in Kurtis for your shop or boutique.

Obviously nobody would like to buy same pattern every time. So here is the list of top Kurtis styles which are in demand. Your customers are going to love your collection if you stock any of these.

1. Jacket style kurtis :-

Jacket style kurtis

he market is brimming with various jacket style kurtis. Long jackets, short jackets, full sleeves jackets, sleeveless jackets can be paired with kurtis to get an indo-western look. Jackets enhance the simple kurtas. Some Kurtis comes with stitched jackets while others can be worn externally. Chubby women should try jacket style kurtis

2. Big bell sleeves kurtis :-

Bell sleeves stylish kurtis

Wearing bell sleeves kurtis is becoming popular among ladies. Although, it is an old fashion styles, fashion world is often mixing old styles and re-inventing with mixes. The free and flowing style compliments the short tunic kurtis. You don’t need any wrist or arm accessory when you wear bell sleeves kurtis

3. Casual kurti with minimal work :-

Minimalistic kurti with designer palazzo

This style is perfect for working women who always face dilemma every morning about their daily outfits. For minimalist smart office look, causal kurti with light patchwork or slight embroidery is just awesome. Wear it with palazzo or printed skirt and you are ready for the office.

4. Sleeveless short kurtis :-

Sleeveless kurti with jeans

When it comes to summer, sleeveless kurtis are so comfortable to wear. Short sleeveless kurtis made of cotton or rayon lets your skin breathe during hot days. Even in non-summer season, you can wear sleeveless kurti to show your toned shoulders

5. Dhoti style kurtis :-

Dhoti style kurtis

Dhoti, a major garment of men, has now found a new position in women’s wardrobe too. The fusion of western and Indian outfit is called indowestern. If you are looking to give your customers a modern indowestern kurti range, stock these dhoti kurti set now. It is important to wear heels with these dhoti style kurtis otherwise it will not look good

6. Checks pattern kurtis :-

Checks pattern kurti

The trendy assortment of checks pattern kurtis is new trend of 2018. The checks gene pool is deep and rich with variety. The best thing about the checks is it is never out of fashion. You can wear it in anytime. Buy as much as checks pattern kurtis you can, for your customers. Because i am sure that it is going to sell out quickly.

7. Shirt style kurtis:-

Shirt style kurti

Shirt style kurtis are just like shirt with buttons from top to bottom. Sometimes such kurtis have shirt like collar around neck. Shirt style kurtis is mostly paired with jeans. This type of kurtis is a great choice for office wardrobe. You can even add belts or jackets to make a style statement.

8. Gown style kurtis:-

Gown style kurtis

Apart from wearing kurtis with leggings or jeans, this one is gown syle kurti which can be worn without bottom. Gown style kurtis are long just like gown. Gown Kurtis are crafted in a way to enjoy ease in a style. This is one of my favorite style of kurtis. Gown style kurtis can be worn at your workplace too.

9. Kurti with scarf

Kurti with stylish scarf

Gone are the days, when scarf was used to nurse cold, nowadays, women use scarves to enhance their outfits. Now-a-days, kurti-scarf set is being loved.  Scarf is actually good for casual as well as formal look when paired with kurti. If your kurti is plain, go for printed scarf and visa-versa.

10. Printed kurti

Printed Kurtis

Everyone might have at least one printed outfit in their wardrobe. Printed kurtis provide a good range of varieties to pick from. You should have largest stock of printed kurtis than any other types. They are very much in demand. Printed kurtis are light weight and cost effective yet stylish.

11. Double layer kurti

Double layer fancy kurti

If you have not stocked double layer kurtis for your customer, its time to stock now. These type of kurtis are sure to give you good profit margin. There are two layers of clothing in combination of similar or different fabric. This pattern is best for skinny women as to show some volume to the body.

12. Kurti with dori belts

Kurti with dori belt

What can more elegant and sensuous than a sleek dori belt accentuating your waist and adding definition to your garment? Kurtis with dori belts are just amazing. Sometimes there are creative tassels hanging at the end of the dori which makes it more attractive. Dori is just like waistbelt. It is sometimes attached to the kurtis, or some others are not attached.

13. Shibori kurti

Shibori print kurtis

Shibori is a japanese technique to print a fabric through twisting, folding a cloth. It is considered as one of the historical method of printing fabric. Shibori print was popular in sarees and dresses, but now you can enjoy shibori prints in kurtis too. Give your customers, a range of these shibori print kurtis.

14. Denim kurtis

Denim kurtis

Our affair with denim is such that we have got denim kurtis coming in market now. This is the time to give you customers a complete selection of denim kurtis. Denim kurtis are generally worn at casual outings.

15. Plain kurtis

Plain kurtis

Plain kurtis is one such that looks good on every women. If you are a boutique owner or shop owner, you must keep a stock of plain kurtis. One can never go wrong with plain kurtis. Can team up with leggings, jeans or printed skirts

16. Front slit kurtis

Front Slit Kurtis

You might have seen B-town actresses in slit gowns and dresses. Remember anushka sharma dancing on The breakup song from ADHM movie. Thanks to anushka for bringing out the new trend of slit kurtis. You can provide your customers with range of slit kurtis. You can offer them single slits or double slits kurtis depending on their comfort level. It is recommended to wear jeans with slit kurtis as thighs might not look good in leggings.

17. Cape kurtis

Cape style kurtis

Cape is one of the latest alternative to coat or jacket. If in winter you want to keep warm yet look stylish, cape kurtis are great.
Long capes, dupatta style capes, short capes are infused with kurtis to enhance its look. you can say cape is derived from Indian poncho style. Keep these beautiful cape kurtis collection in your stock, it is going to give you good return.

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