Shirts have been an important place in life of men. There are various styles of shirts depending on the occasion.

Among them, white shirt has the most prominent position. A white shirt is the most classic clothing for any occasion. Regardless of age, season, every man deserves a white shirt. It is safe to say this because a white shirt never goes out of style.

A white shirt is one of the true investment of every men. It is unadulterated in its form since its discovery in late 19th century.

Man Wearing Officewear Full Sleeves White Shirt

But why white color shirt has gained such an important place?

Is white color? Yes.

Our soul is white and hence we can say that it is a color within your body

White is very emotional type of color. Almost everyone becomes conscious while wearing white.

I almost walk on my heels when I wear white long gown.

Importance of white color shirt at work

  • White color is associated with peace and purity. White shirt is classic for office wear. 
  • You can also wear a good color of tie or formal pants with white shirt
  • Wearing white shirt at a job interview is still considered a good bet because it creates an impact of an “organized” persona

Thomas J Edison, founding father of IBM, demanded on a dress code, asking his office employees to wear a classic white shirt as part of their routine office attire. 

White shirt other than uniform.

White shirts are not limited to formals nowadays. Recently, Raymond brand introduced number of white shirts pattern.

I came across a news article in which the director of Raymond Suiting And Shirting brand was quoted saying :

White can be for everything, be it formal wear, casuals, semi-casuals, and at Raymond, we offer entire wardrobe solutions for customers and that’s what we wanted to bring in. We wanted to bring in the feel that white can be worn on all occasions so it is a statement of lifestyle. We didn’t want to convey a corporate kind of feel,” says Madhu Dutta.

Casual Look – For casual look, wear white shirt with a dull blue jeans. You can wear this casual styles at funerals too.

Funky Look – White shirt is eye catching and eye pleasing at the same time. For funky look, go for ripped jeans and half sleeves white shirt.

Party Look – You can don white shirt with suit for a wedding.

You are never under-dressed when you wear white shirt

Types of white shirt

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