The Rogan Art is known as the organic art of printing on clothes in the textile industry. Rogan is said to be the oldest and the hardest printing art form, in the history of textile. Rogan printing art is practiced in the Kutch District Of Gujarat. The colors used in this painting are purely organic made up of natural colors and vegetables. The colors are printed on fabric with the help of metal blocks for printing and sometimes they use a stylus kind of stick instrument for printing purposes. This printing art is way too old and as the introduction of new and easy ways of printing of fabrics are done with heavy machines this art is dying and it has almost disappeared from Indian Textile Culture, now there are only two families practising this art form in Nirona Village Of Kutch.


Origin of Rogan comes from Persia, Rogan means varnish or oil, originated from Mughal Empire. The Rogan Art is a process of applying on oil based fabric paint which began among the Khatri Muslim community in Kutch. It is said that the Rogan name originated from Iran, as there are no reliable sources confirming this statement. This art form is 400 years old.In early times rogan painting was practised in fewer locations of Kutch province. As this painted fabric is mostly purchased by the lower caste womens for their wedding function, therefore it is said to be a specific seasonal art. During the rest of the year which is left over they utilize their time in agriculture and small business practice. As there is rising competition in every field so with the rising new technologies and machineries in the ending era of the 20th century, the Rogan painting turned out to be expensive compared to the machine printed products. So the artists had to switch their work profile and had their work profile and had to search for other means of earning their livelihood. And as the result now there is only just one family left in Nirona, Gujarat who has continued this legacy. Almost 2-3 generations are now involved in creating this elegant art form in the Khatri Family.


As we read in above section that in, Rogan Art the colors are natural and these colors are natural and these colors are oil based Rogan Paint is shiny and thick by the use of boiling castor oil and the vegetable color pigment along with a special kind of binding agent to look more attractive this painting is more preferred on dark colored fabrics only to enhance the beauty of this art. The Rogan Art is used in two different ways first is painting and second is printing. In printing the rogan art the pattern is imprinted on fabrics using metal blocks. And in the painting process the patterns are created freehand by dragging thread kind of structure with the help of a stylus like stick. The design is painted half then after that the cloth is folded into half by which one mirror image pattern is created on the other side of the cloth. The artistic patterns include floral designs, animal figures and the local art and cultures.


As the demand of machine printed work increased in the late 20th and the early 21st centuries there occurred some drastic factors which somewhat gave a kickstart in the interest of Rogan art. At first in the year 2001 due to an earthquake in Gujarat happened ruined the whole region, despite heavy downfall this region of Gujarat raised with great infrastructural greatness such as round o clock electricity and water supply, new roads, and built airway route which lead to attract and increase international tourism. Secondly the artisans got help from local organisations and few NGOs, they helped artisans in selling the Rogan Art products in citified areas and also on online selling platforms. The third reason was that the only family practising this art in Kutch, got rewarded by State Level as well as National Level award for practising and preserving this prestigious artwork.

In the year 2014 there were 2 Rogan Art paintings were gifted by our Prime Minister Narenda Modi to US President Barack Obama which were made by Abdul Khatri one of the finest and National Award winning Rogan Art Painters. The Khatri family in Nirona proposed more voguish products to appeal to the tourists i.e. bags, cushion covers, table mats, fancy wall hangings, pillow covers, etc. The Tree Of Life painting which was gifted to the US President turned to be a major motif. The count of tourists visiting the Khatri family’s workspace was gradually increased to a number of 400 persons a day, increasing in interest in this artwork. In 2010 the Khatri family introduced their women and trained them for this artwork as they also can help the family men to keep up with the increasing demand of the paintings. As a result in 2015 the women working with this art form raised to nearly 20 women in Nirona.

The Tree Of Life –

Hope this vintage art keeps nourishing day by day and won’t have to see the collapse of this art and the artists working on it.

Here is a video explain the whole thing about the Rogan Art : 

Also they have a website portraying about the Rogan Art :

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