Effective Advantages Of An Online Wholesale Platform

An online ordering system has many benefits for a B2C driven business setup .It set retailers free of a lot responsibilities like sales reps, it indirectly steamlines accounting, improves order accuracy and increases efficiency. This type of system will serve your customers heftily. Customers like to be heard and always wants a super sonic speed service or a solution to their problems. 

Ebulking will help you and your customers:-

  • Faster Answers
  • help at any time
  • learn about products 
  • place own orders
  •  inventory availability

Online ordering platform like Ebulking will improve your system of retail practice and will benefit your customers and staff likewise.

Let us learn more about it !

What exactly is Ebulking ?

Ebulking is an online wholesale platform and that helps you in escaping the hassles of visiting a physical store to buy all your stock, saves your money and time and gives you a solid trustworthy promise of great quality clothing. Ebulking has above and beyond 40 years of experience in clothing and wholesaling.

Ebulking is an opportunistic platform where the retailers can induce advancement in their business by uplifting it, changing in the ways of business. In India, there is a conventional channel that has been going on in very sector ever since. But for the sake of advancement & enhancement, a businessman has to explore  new channels other than the rooted one. New channel is a vivid reference to the online world, especially for the retailers who religiously follow the traditional methods. On a platform of Ebulking with  nominal amount of money one can buy an apt amount of stock, do lesser travelling expense and other cut of other extra expenses which can ultimately lead him to good fat amount of earnings.

Why Ebulking is good for you ?

Ebulking ensures that all the drawbacks of going to a brick and mortar store is taken care of. 

The online platform of Ebulking offers tremendous advantages like:

  •  The online platform offered by ebulking.com enables you to sit in your shops and browse through categories at ease as you make your stock purchase. 
  •  If shopkeepers want to enter a new market or expand their product range, they need not sweat it out by physically going to the market to review products.
  • Retailers and shopkeepers can focus on what they do best – acquiring customers – without having to worry too much about quality check and manufacturing constraints.
  • It’s a low-risk and high-rewarding platform for shopkeepers as there is no dependency on any one manufacturer for all stock purchases. Hence, lower risks.
  • Shopkeepers can avoid the risk of dead stock and are also able to test latest categories of products before making any larger purchases. 
  • It creates an efficient channel of stock-keeping and managing where shopkeeper can order whenever they want.
  • Ebulking is a big money -saver savior for all the shopkeepers. It provides great quality clothing at factory rates. 

So that, you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off, financially.

How to Use Ebulking ?

Using Ebulking for buying your stock is as simple as it could get.

Just by following these eight super easy steps you will have your shop stock-ready in no time :-

  1. Use your smartphone or laptop and logon to www.ebulking.com
  2. Select your category on the top right option of the webpage and click on it or you could also simply type your required category of clothing on the search bar.
  3. Scroll and explore all the vivid designs and patterns from over 500 + brands.
  4. Select your preferred design and click on it.
  5. Check the availability and the no. of pieces, select the quantity of the set of pieces required and select the preferred stock size.
  6. Then finally click on “Add to Cart”.
  7. You can also click on the download catalogue to see the entire collection at once before adding to the cart.
  8. After adding to the cart, follow the inbuilt protocol steps of filling your details, make your payment and just wait for your super fast door-step delivery.

Ebulking understands the problems of the retailers and believes in making the textile and garment industry a functionally smooth sector.

Start Now, Start Smart!

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