Hello friends,

I have been receiving many requests on how to start a small kurti business from home? Or How to sell kurtis from home.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all those who landed here because they have decided to be independent and start a small home based business for a living.

The foremost thing you should ask yourself is, “Do I really need a home based business?” Or “Do i really need an extra income”

I believe that there is always a motivation behind any thought of business. Some people may do it out of spending their spare time and some people do it due to their financial constraints. My concern is, needful people should be given a real chance of earning.

Please note that this is my thought, I have no obligations to anyone, regardless of their economic stability or choice, doing this kurti business from home.

I am here to share all those important things that you should know about starting kurtis business from home.

When you start, you may face many question like :

  • What is the government procedures and legal activities to be done for home based business
  • Where to find reliable kurti suppliers?
  • How to advertise your home based business?
  • How much stock should I buy?
  • How to pack and deliver items?
  • What are latest market trends?
  • What if customer bargains?
Wholesale kurti dealers from Surat – EBULKING

And many more questions like that. I am assuming that you are just about to start a kurti business from home with no background of clothing. If you have even a basic clothing background, you can do this business easily at the comfort of your home.

So let us see how you will be facing all these issues when you think of starting a home based business.

1. Regardless of your locality, I would suggest you to do a bit of local market research. Check what kind of item range are currently trending in market. You can bring in some items which are regular and common in market trends. Quite opposite, you can turn the tables with some unique range which are quite stylish and designer looking.

But it is quite necessary to check for the spending capacity of your local audiences.

We can never predict what kind of customer may walk in to you.

2. Depending on your market research, you will now be able to plan what type of supplier you want. It becomes utmost important to find a good, honest and reliable wholesale kurti dealer. Starting a small home based business, you cannot travel across cities and look for vendors. Due to internet advancements, you can easily track down list of kurtis wholesaler or kurtis manufacturer from internet. Don’t get trapped in any wrong network of supplier or be ready to loose your money.Try with small orders and gradually move to bigger order in later stage.

3. Your next step will be to contact your nearest government office for your home based business registrations. Please note that business government legal formalities are almost same all over the country but they tend to change anytime. Hence it is advisable to keep in touch with the government body for all the latest updates in business formalities. Not initially, but if your business grow, you will also need a personal accountant to take care of your inputs and outputs.

4. Regarding, stock, I would recommend to stock minimum qty once your customers become regular in buying items from you.

5. To advertise your home based business, you can verbally pass on news to your friends and relatives. Also, use your whats app groups and ask your neighbors to spread a word. I am sure you might be using Facebook for your personal use, it is easy to make a facebook page for your business and share it with your local public.

One of the best thing to advertise is, to participate in local exhibition center and fairs. This will get your business more exposure in locals.

If you are doing a business, it is very necessary to maintain and build new relationships within your market. For example, if you visit temples, vegetable market often, smartly introduce your home based business to the vegetable vendors, temple staff. These public places will spread a word in a rapid-fire manner.

We can discuss this marketing in another topic as it involves many things and cannot be covered in this article.

6. Once you start getting regular customers, you can order stocks but not in large quantities. You can stock around 25-50 pieces according to the growing business. Keeping stock is one boosting factor to conversion, because customer can feel the product and see it in real time. This will help them to quickly decide on making a purchase. Also, if you are participating in exhibition, you will need stocks to display variety on your stall.

7. Coming to customers, there will be some customers definitely who will try to bargain at least once. I would recommend to keep your margins nominal initially. Hence, do not give a chance to bargain. Once you bargain and agree, this practice will continue forever.

8. Finally, when you get an order, packaging materials play an important role in displaying the value of the order. Use a normal quality plain or printed poly bags to hand them to your customers.  It is a crucial tool to your business value.

So these are very important tips to start your kurti business from home. However, I have some bonus tips too.

Extraaa Points :
When you do home based business, sometimes it may take quite a long time to get established. Keep your customers updates with latest fashion so that they will be coming back to you repeatedly.

So don’t be upset, keep trying and stick on it. Set particular hours to work on it, even if it is a home based business.

Time and dedication is a key to any growing business.

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All the best for your venture 🙂 

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