Guide To Different Types Of Cotton Fabrics

Cotton is an all-time favourite fabric choice of people. It is available in different types of textures and thickness. It is a strong and durable material, hence less prone to tear. Cotton fabric easier to wash and quicker to dry than other materials.

Cotton fabric is soft and breathable. It absorbs colours beautifully. It is used for making denim wear, canvas, woven fabrics, etc. In clothing, cotton is most commonly used for making t-shirts, jeans, dresses, sweatshirts, kurtis, sarees.

  1. Cotton lawn fabric

    This fabric is made by using a tight weave with a fine kind of thread. Cotton lawn fabric is thin. It is a pure and plain material. The design of the fabric is done using high thread cotton yarns which makes it very silky, light and a little transparent.
    Usually lightweight clothes like summer dresses, trousers, tops and maxi are made using cotton lawn fabric.

  2. Cotton jersey fabric

    Cotton jersey fabric is made from a single-knit cotton fabric. It is stretchable and soft. The way jersey is knit helps getting its elasticity naturally. Elastin is a material that is usually used in other fabrics for creating stretch. With cotton jersey fabric no other stretching material is used.
    The fabric thus created is very soft, comfortable, yet low maintenance. It can be used for making almost everything in clothing categories. Summer tops, men’s shirt, base layers for the winter months, etc. can be made using cotton jersey fabric.

  3. Cotton poplin fabric

    This fabric is used for making clothing materials that can be used throughout the year. It is versatile and extremely comfortable to wear. It is well known for its distinctive ribbed texture, tightly closed weave pattern, strength and lightweight. 
    Women’s dress, sportswear, raincoats, casual wears and formal wear are made from cotton poplin fabric.

  4. Chambray fabric

    This fabric is slightly thinner than denim. It is available in variety of colors. It is mostly used in light blue colour. It is a perfect summer material and is mostly used for making of clothes that require to be soft.
    This material is used to create a denim like look. Lightweight dresses and shirts are made using chambray fabric.

  5. Brushed cotton fabric

    This fabric is a combination of various fabric structures. The finish is very smooth and this material is mostly used for making comfortable clothing. It is very comfortable on skin and does not cause itchiness after use. The fabric has exceptional insulation capabilities and provides protection from the cold weather.
    The most popular use of this fabric to make the winter clothes such as warm pyjamas. Quilting is also done with brushed cotton fabric.

  6. Cotton drill fabric

    This fabric is durable, strong and available in medium to heavy weight. The fabric is used for making all sorts of garments after they are dyed. This fabric is also comfortable to wear.
    Mostly work clothes and uniforms are made using cotton drill fabric.

  7. Seersucker fabric

    This fabric is lightweight, does not require ironing and allows air circulation. Mostly clothes for warmer months are used making this fabric. This fabric originated in India.
    Seersucker fabric is used to make clothes that suit warm weather such as for making shirts and shorts.

  8. Cambric Cotton

    A  woven, lightweight and pure cotton fabric, cambric was first manufactured in a place called Cambrai in France. Jean Baptiste Chambray, a native weaver, is said to have invented it in 1300. The fine cotton or linen fabric is traditionally treated so that it acquires a slightly glossy appearance. It may be piece dyed or bleached and is lint free and quite mercerized.
    It is commonly used in the manufacturing of a variety of different readymade clothes such as women’s tops, gowns, dresses, men’s shirts and other garments.
    Lower-quality cambric works well for making products like linings, napkins, innerwear and handkerchiefs. It is also sometimes used as the backing material for needle works and artworks.

  9. Glace Cotton

    Cotton Glace thread is especially designed for sewing leather goods and fur garments. It is produced from high quality, long staple cotton which has been specially treated to provide higher strength and a more attractive appearance.
    This fabric is best used to make home linen like bedsheets, bedcovers, duvets curtains and upholstery.

  10. Cotton Slub

    Cotton slub fabric is created with slight knots and knobbles, which can be seen as thicker and raised threads on the fabric. These ‘imperfections’ are either a characteristic of the yarn or created with the intention of giving an organic fabric, substantial look and feel.
    Slub cotton is fashionable, as it gives a rough and more casual look to the fabric. This fabric is often used to make garments like sweaters, tshirts, shirts and dresses.

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