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Ebulking is one of India’s best marketplace for wholesale textile purchases for B2B transactions. Based in Surat, ebulking.com enjoys tie-ups with over 500+ manufacturers and brands that offer quality products at wholesale prices. Since the past few years, ebulking.com has been the preferred portal for shop owners globally to meet their buying and selling needs and hence has seen immense growth in the B2B textile industry.

At ebulking.com, you can find a vast variety of textiles, fabrics, clothing and footwear in latest styles and designs that range across seasons and occasions. Ebulking aims to satiate purchasing needs of interested buyers across the production chain – manufacturers, factory owners, shop owners and boutique store owners.

With over 30 years of experience, the founders of ebulking.com have deep rooted expertise in textile and export industry – thereby ensuring a plethora of designs available from genuine sources. Ebulking provides complete assurance of quality, price and payment security to all its buyers and maintains utmost honesty for all purchases made on its platform. Our team of experts source the latest designs, fabrics and textiles to ensure that our stock is up-to-date and that your shop is stocked with everything that is trendy. Your purchase journey is assisted by our team of customer service executives who are trained to help you at any step that you might be stuck.

We, at ebulking.com, differentiate ourselves through a combination of best customer support, wide range of latest styles merged with unequaled standards of quality.

Below are the broad categories of wholesale textile and footwear that we currently deal in:

  1. Womens

    Explore our wide range of womenswear categories: Ethnic Wear, Western Wear, Maternity Wear, Inner and Night Wear and Accessories.Ebulking Womens Clothing Collection

  2. Mens

    Explore our wide range of menswear categories: Ethnic Wear, Western Wear, Inner and Night Wear and Accessories.Ebulking Mens Clothing Collection

  3. Kids

    Explore our wide range of kidswear categories available for boys, girls and infants.

  4. Fabrics

    Explore our wide range of fabrics and materials available in wholesale quantities offering latest patterns, prints, designs and fabrics.

  5. Home Furnishing

    Explore our wide range of home furnishing categories of Bed Linen and Bathroom Linen.Ebulking Home Furnishings Collection

  6. Textiles

    Explore our wide range of textiles and materials available in wholesale quantities.Ebulking Textiles Collection

Are you a shop owner? Do you want to make your wholesale purchases easy and accessible?

Then Ebulking.com is the perfect solution for you. At Ebulking, we our objective is to always provide you with the best quality, latest collections and at unbeatable prices.

Explore our entire range of textiles and clothing available in wholesale quantities now.

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