5 Tips On How To Select The Perfect Stock Of Sarees

With every new year and a new season comes a new range of tweaks in fashion and clothing variety. It’s almost a never ending advancement. Therefore, a perpetual change and a constant updation in the stock is imperative. 

We know what is to be done but is it even more substantial to understand and know how to do it. With the right track of knowledge of what’s in trend in terms of the market one would be able to better map out their customer’s demand and serve them satisfactorily.

Sarees have always had a soft spot in the hearts of the gorgeous Indian women. It suits them the best and displays our unique culture in the most exquisite way possible.

Here are 5 most effective tips on how to select the perfect stock of sarees :-

1. Understand the fabric that is most trending in the market

Usually there is a fabric that becomes a cult for a specific period of time. Everyone wants to have it in their wardrobe, and especially when it comes to sarees .

 Expert tip: In summers, cotton takes the lead every time, so it is advisable to flood the stock with cotton sarees, Linen also becomes a favourable option during summers. Customers especially Indian have always been fond of Khadi during summers. So, depending upon the weather one has to update the stock because eventually that’s what affects the demand. 

2. Keeping intact with the tradition

Traditions speaks louder than trends at times. Well, at least for the Indian population this statement is true, massively. Some precious core Indian designs have a special place in masses hearts as they associate the outfits with festivals and rituals. As a shopkeeper you have to  make sure that you keep their “Parampara” intact with your collection. 

Expert tip: Banarasi Sarees : these stunning designs are always highly appreciated and are bought with a lot of love.

3. Simplicity is always complimented

The office going people always prefer something that is simple, comfortable yet a little chic in order to look decent but a tad bit different. Having a repertoire of something classy would definitely pull in a huge chunk of customers for you. 

Expert Tip : Something like chiffon sarees would attract a great deal of interests towards your shop.

4. Modifying the “Dhinchak” Shaadi look

As the Shaadi season is on a roll especially after this major hold up of lockdown. It’s therefore, the most awaited stock to make profit out of. Every woman feels special and excited about wearing that perfect outfit and it would be a win-win situation if you are able to show them that saree to create that anticipated look.

Expert tip: Lace sarees are a new trend that every lady is going gaga about. Stocking them up can surely draw a lot of attention towards your store.

5. Having a niche collection

Having a specific collection of a particular state or region in your shop can help you in building a stock that consists of immense variety, making your collection more colourful and which would consist of more options and who doesn’t love options ? 

Expert tip: Kanjivaram silk Sarees  from South are immensely popular and are in high demand throughout the states of India, handmade sarees always create a unique buzz amongst the customers that is not only cheerfully bought but is also warmly cherished by them.

On inculcating and including all the above tips could help you make you make a stock that is not only full-fledged stock wise but is also healthy profit wise. So, choosing the right quality is extremely important and doing that could be even problematic at times.

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