Sequins are one of the best embellishments used in textile fabrics. It is largely used element in making high end footwear, clothing and bags. Sequins are available in two materials, metal and plastic.  Both are widely used all over the world. Sequins give a very quirky and fascinating look to anything it is applied on.

Mostly bridal and party wear clothes are decorated using sequin to enhance the value of the outfit.

Sequins are currently making a huge comeback in the glamour world. In Fashion industry, there is, actually nothing that can go out of fashion. The fashion keeps reinventing itself in new forms.

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Types Of Sequins –

Sequins nowadays are available in lots of shapes like heart, snowflakes, round, square, triangle, star and many more. But round sequins are popularly used in ethnic outfits in India.

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Also, sequins are available in lots of sizes depending on the outfits to be made. 4 to 6 mm sequins are widely in demand.

Care Notes –

Washing a sequins outfit is quite a task. Machine wash is not suggested for any sequined clothes. It is better to hand wash a sequined outfits

Ironing a sequin outfit is not recommended. Also, sequined clothes are always folded with butter papers to keep the sequins intact

Sequins work is very much versatile. It can be done on almost all types of fabrics such as georgette, cotton, silk etc.. Sequins can be stitched or glued on outfits. However, stitching sequins is better way to prevent it from falling off. And usually all designers and manufacturers stitch the sequins rather than just sticking it with glue.

Sequinned outfits are bit expensive because the sequins fabrics are expensive

The production of sequined outfits should be carried out very carefully because poorly stitched sequins may fall out making the whole outfit look bad.

Sequins has been in fashion industry since ages but it is believed that sequins theme was derived from the drilled coins used on clothes by our ancients

Of course the drilled coins used to embellish the outfits were heavy. Nowadays light weight plastic acrylic sequins are produced.

Currently in ethnic wear category, sequinned lengha, sequined saree is making strong game.

All the Fashion designers are using sequins in their own unique ways to create a remarkable collection

In 2019, a well known Bollywood celebrity designer manish Malhotra had launched sequin saree collection that became so so popular in few days that replica and first copy sarees were being produced by some manufacturers to fulfill the demand in low prices category.

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The sequin saga is still in demand. Sequins dresses, sequins sarees, and sequins lehenga. As a B2B Ecommerce, we see a surge in sequins outfit demand since last year.

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