With the latest advancements of internet technology, We have seen various distribution channels changing the distribution patterns of textile industry. Few wholesalers have started providing pick and choose facility and supply single product to re-sellers or retailers.

This is my personal opinion that this type of distribution is disturbing the overall earnings of all the involved channels.

Today, I would like to point out that why buying bulk stock for your showroom or boutique will bring more business to you.

Cheaper Prices :

Advanced Wholesale Pricing Concept –
This concept is very straight, the more you buy the more you get it at cheaper rates.

if you buy 1 catalog of salwar kameez pay, 15$
if you buy 5 catalog of salwar kameez pay, 10$
if you buy 10 catalog of salwar kameez pay, 9$

Why you need a wholesaler?
Manufacturers tend to sell their products in a high volume , an average retailer cannot afford to stock such large quantity with minimum capital in hand. That is where, a wholesaler comes.

Finding a right wholesalers!

Alibaba and Amazon is doing wholesale business, but it becomes quite time consuming to browse through so many different categories  and look for the exact thing that you retail.
Hence, always try to look for a specialized wholesale supplier who can supply you variety of products in your category.

Easily compare with thousands of other options!
When you are looking online wholesaler, you can easily compare thousands of wholesale suppliers and their product range.
In an offline market, it is quite tedious to roam each and every shop for varieties. It is a time consuming and money spending.

Save time and money
Increasing number of fraud online, makes it difficult for the retailers to trust an online wholesale buying method. Many of them still choose traditional method of visiting wholesalers and ordering.

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