As we all know about the current catastrophe going at global level known as the COVID-19 Corona virus. People all over the world are living in a panic atmosphere due to this pathogen. All the governments of every nation are striving to protect their people by using every safety measure. People too are taking every precaution regarding this global outbreak.

But if we stand against it we can fight back with this virus. We just have to follow basic safety rules by which we can prevent it from happening.

How to know or what are the symptoms to identify this illness:-

There are symptoms from which an individual can get help to identify that he/she or people around them are suffering from this illness.
● If a person has a high body temperature especially at the back of the body or on the chest.
● Coughing on a frequent interval.
If you have any of the above symptoms you should just stay at home and avoid crowded places and meeting other peoples.
Just stay at home for 7 – 10 days. And if you are staying with the person who is infected with this illness, you too should stay home for 7 – 10 days from the day the person got the symptoms.

Do’s And Don’ts to avoid this illness to spread or get infected:-

Every person should stay alert in this situation and try to stop from spreading.

Keep in mind the following point to avoid this virus.
● Person whose age is 70 or above.
● Especially Pregnant Women.
● Or have a weak immunity system.
The list of Do’s one should follow on a daily basis:-

  1. Wash your hands every often with soap and water.
  2. One should always wash hands when he/she comes home or get to work from outside.
  3. Use alcohol gel based hand sanitizer in absence of soap and water.
  4. One should always cover his/her nose and mouth with tissue when sneezing or coughing. One should use sleeves in this thing, try not to use hands.
  5. After sneezing you should dispose of the used tissue and wash your hands immediately.
  6. One should try to avoid contact with the person who has been diagnosed with this Corona virus.
  7. Avoid using Public Transport, if there’s an emergency in that case a person should use Public Transport.
  8. If possible stay at home and try to manage work from home.
  9. Avoid going into social gathering, like parties, pubs and restaurants.
  10. If needed any medical help immediately rush to your doctor without wasting any time.
    The list of Don’ts one should follow on a daily basis:-
  11. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth if hands are not clean.
  12. Avoid visitors at home including family and friends too.

Other notable information about Corona virus:-

  1. Travel Advice:- One should avoid travelling from one place to another because there are higher chances of it getting spread

This global outburst has affected humans as well as global markets too. Every business has been came to downfall i.e. gold price have been raised down, stock markets are fluctuated, restaurants and social places are at shutdown as well as food and apparels industry are getting affected by this virus.

As per Times Of India report the Current count has reached 169 cases. Schools and Collages have been shutdown for the whole remaining month

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